Scipio was first called Round Valley. It was located about two and a half miles southwest of the present location and settled in 1857. Benjamin Johnson was the first set­tler and established a mail station.


In 1861, a stagecoach line was established from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California and passed through Scip­io. Each coach carried 9 people, and the fare from St. Joseph to Salt Lake City was $150. A traveler was allowed 25 pounds of lug­gage.


The present site was selected in 1863 and given the name Scipio during Brigham Young’s annual visit, ap­parently after Scipio A. Kenner, a resident of the area.


An Indian raid in which horses and cattle were tak­en resulted in a fort being built in 1866 for protection during the Black Hawk Indian War. The one room log homes were joined with a mud wall to form a square. In 1886, the people moved out, taking the logs from their homes and rebuilding them in the previous areas.


Scipio is located 12 miles northeast of Fillmore on I-15, and is the closest town to Yuba State Park.


Lat: 38.245015          Long: -112.103926