Sutherland was founded in 1909, but didn’t expe­rience much growth until a few years later. Many of those arriving to the area left behind their homes to move to the new farming com­munity. They lived in tents, shacks and even granaries until they could build something more suitable. Those early homes were small lumber shacks, and when one was built it was an event. All of the neighbors would come in their hay wagons and have a picnic and dance.


By the summer of 1912, there were several fami­lies with school-aged children living west of the Sevier River. Due to the number of children, a school was desperately needed. However, there was an insufficient tax base to construct the building. George A. Snow met with county commis­sioners and school district officials to take care of the educational needs of these children. Because of the time required, sev­eral prominent citizens obtained construction notes and a 30 ft.X 60 ft. brick school building was completed the next year. All eight grades were held in the large room.


After the construction of the school, area residents were able to obtain their own voting precinct and school district, both of which were named Sutherland, after Utah Senator George Sutherland. Wynn R. Walker was the first postmaster, and he also established a small general store. The store and post office are long gone, and Sutherland was never an incorporated town. However, it remains a voting district, and many people enjoy the rural life style it offers in the area west of Delta.


Lat: 39.390421         Long: -112.633193