Known first as Lower Corn Creek and settled in 1854 by Peter Robison and others, the town was situ­ated where the old immigrant trail to California crossed the creek. Many travelers came through and the town grew. Peter Robison became the first postmaster and the town was called Petersburg. However, there were already too many Petersburgs, and when Richard Hat­ton took over as postmaster a few years later, the town became known as Hatton.


Most of the townspeople were farmers who sold hay and grain to the passing immigrants. An important station on the stage line from Salt Lake City to Pioche, Nevada was established in Hatton where drivers and horses were changed.


Brigham Young paid a visit to evaluate the settle­ment in late 1867. He observed the creek water could be better used if the settlement was moved upstream a few miles where the soil had proved to be more fertile and fall frost came later than in the present site. With this word of advice, people began moving closer to the mountains and settled Kanosh. By 1870, only a tiny handful of families remained in Hatton. Hatton is lo­cated 2.5 miles north of Kanosh. I-15 is built almost on top of the old immigrant trail and practically through the backyard of Hatton.


Lat: 38.839714          Long: -112.459647