Kanosh is a small farm­ing town on Highway 133, 5 miles south of Meadow. Kanosh was named in honor of the Paiute Indian Chief Kanosh. It was first known as Up­per Corn Creek and settled in 1867. Chief Kanosh and his band of Pahvants, also known as Paiutes or Utes, lived nearby.

There are many interesting stories regarding Chief Kanosh, who was a lifelong friend of the Mormon pioneers. One tells of his first wife Julia who had lost her mind and the tribe thought she was possessed of evil spirits and put her to death. Betsikin, his second wife, lured Mary, a newer and younger wife, into hunting squirrels with her. She slit Mary’s throat and when the crime was discovered Betsikin was given the choice by the people how to die. She chose death by starvation. Isolated in a wigwam one mile north of Kanosh on the west side of the highway, she stayed there until death ended her loneliness.

Lat: 38.801358          Long: -112.437644