Low & Slow Flying
Club's Annual Fly-in

All ultralight, lightsport and experimental aircraft are invited to Delta once a year for flying, food and fun. Airplane games such as water balloon drops, candy drops and ultralight golf (which involves dropping a golf ball from low level flight over a green at the golf course) will be played as weather permits. Spectators are welcome to come to the airport to look at the aircraft and watch some of the airplane games. Admission is free for spectators. Raffle tickets are sold to help support the next year's fly-in. Lots of prizes will be given away thanks to our sponsors. Airplane rides can be purchased for a small fee (early morning and late evenings are best for taking flights). So come and enjoy the fun!

For a schedule of the daily events, go to our events calendar.

For more information contact Randy Fowles, 435-979-1914.